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about ben
Benjamin Johnson, lcsw

What is your educational background?

I completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2005 at the University of North Texas and then completed my Masters in Social Work in 2011 at the University of Texas at Austin.  I received my advanced licensure in 2018 and am currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

What is your work experience?

I have worked for 15 years providing counseling in crisis mental health services, including operating as Practice Manager for the Judge Guy Herman Center for Mental Health Crisis Care, Team Lead for Travis County’s Mobile Crisis Outreach Team, and I have worked in both inpatient psychiatric and residential treatment facilities.  I have also served as a school counselor, manager of a community mental health clinic and most recently as provider of individual counseling services.

What is your rate?

I charge $125 per 50 minute session due at time of service. I also maintain a set number of sliding scale slots for those that have the financial need.  

How do I reach you directly?

You can reach me at 512.675.3438 or email me at 

What interests you about substance use?

Substance use and our management of it is so intertwined with our day to day lives, our mental health, and our happiness.  I have spent a large portion of my career focused on a desire to help others build the lives that they envision and so often substance use is a factor in the conversation and one that, handled appropriately, can lead to amazing growth and success.  I am specifically excited by the harm reduction approach that we employ at Substance Use Therapy because it allows us to focus on what works for you and your goals.  I see our substance use services as an opportunity to find, maintain, and improve all the gears that make you work.

What other areas of expertise do you have?

I have extensive skill and experience working with individuals who are managing mood disorders and/or troubling symptoms related primarily to mental health (depression, anxiety, suicidality, anger, communication and relationship difficulties, etc.).  

Who is your ideal client?

Success with me will come from applying the things we learn and try during our sessions. You are busy, life is full of requirements, so I keep outside work light, however, if you are committed to practicing the skills we discuss and to being mindful in your daily life then we will have plenty of robust and meaningful opportunities to work on together.

What is your approach to therapy?

I approach therapy with a plan for collaboration, transparency, and a willingness to try novel ideas that are specialized for each of my clients! I strive to provide an opportunity for you to try new ways of communicating and thinking about the areas that are most important to you.  I want to work together to find the humor in the challenges we face, and the opportunity for growth hidden in our most secure beliefs. I use a variety of treatment modalities including CBT, DBT, strengths-focused and person-centered therapy.

Ok, how about some random facts about yourself…

I am a huge music, art, book, comedy, video game and sports buff!  If it is possible to amass a great deal of pointless knowledge about, then I’m in.  If there is a lighter side or a laugh to be found, I’m there with you.

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