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Couples Therapy

Couples counseling in Austin, TX for drug and alcohol recovery

How do I improve my relationship?


If one or both partners struggles with substance use or gambling, it can put a serious strain on relationships.  Participating in couples counseling can assist in opening lines of communication and determining your goals as a couple.  Actively developing plans to address drug and alcohol use alongside your partner can be helpful and provide additional support. 

Issues within the relationship may have arisen directly as a result of substance use, or they may be long standing concerns that you are ready to address.  Gaining a greater understanding of each other’s perspectives and finding ways to better support one another can be a benefit of couples therapy. 

Common issues couples face

  • Communication issues

  • Lack of trust

  • Anger over past hurts

  • Feeling "co-dependent"

  • Unhealthy relationship patterns

Substance use affects all kinds of relationships

Drug and alcohol use impacts people in all kinds of relationships.  Whether you are dating, married, partnered or separated, I will support you in your relationship goals.  Non-traditional and LGBTQ+ couples are welcomed here.

My partner doesn't understand why I can't just quit

Some people attending individual therapy find it helpful to occasionally involve their partner in sessions.  This allows an opportunity for your partner to support your treatment and learn more about drug and alcohol misuse and/or gambling. Collaboratively, we can work on ways for you to get the support you need, while defining recovery for yourself.

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