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Clinical Consultations 

Clinical case consultation in Austin, TX

Clinical Consultations for mental health professionals

Feeling stuck?  Maybe substance use is not one of your areas of expertise.  No matter how well informed we are or how much we read (so, so much), it is impossible to be knowledgeable in every area of our clients' complex lives.

I can provide comprehensive and in-depth information in the following areas:

  • Understanding the continuum of use

  • Information on specific drugs (how they are used, why they are used, how they affect the brain and body, etc.)

  • Informal and formal substance use assessments

  • Harm reduction and harm reduction psychotherapy

  • Harm reduction strategies for individual drugs

  • Tips and tools for changing drinking patterns

  • Preventing blackouts from drinking

  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment options

  • MAT (what, when and why)

  • Incorporating the stages of change

  • Essential components of motivational interviewing for substance use work

What to expect during a consultation

In my work with clients, I incorporate compassion, pragmatism and collaboration. I take the same approach when working with professionals.

Prior to the consultation, I will ask you a few questions about what you are needing from the consultation.  This will ensure that I have information prepared that is specific to your needs and/or your client's needs.  All consultations will be individualized.

When possible or appropriate, I will provide you with additional resources, worksheets, referrals or recommended readings.  

The logistics for case consultations

Case consultations for substance use are 50 minutes, unless you specifically request otherwise.  Video, telephone or in-person options are available.  

I charge my regular hourly rate of $160.00 for consultations.  If you are intern/associate status, inquire about the possibility of a reduced rate.

Professional Trainings

In addition to consultations, I am available for speaking and training engagements on a variety of topics such as substance use, harm reduction, and de-escalation.  

As an accomplished speaker, I have been fortunate to provide trainings and presentations to Integral Care, the Austin Police Department, Travis County Sheriff's Office, Pathways to Justice, an initiative of The Arc’s National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability® (NCCJD®), Texas Behavioral Health Institute and the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP).


Want more information on drugs, alcohol and harm reduction now?

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