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Family Therapy

Family therapy in Austin, TX for drug and alcohol recovery

Addiction often causes people to feel alone

A strong support system can be a fundamental component of making positive changes.  All families experience conflict or frustrations, whether or not substance use is involved.  Gaining a greater understanding of each family member’s perspective and opening lines of communication is a possible benefit of family therapy. 


Though family issues are normal, substance use, or addiction within the family can sometimes exacerbate existing issues. 

How will family therapy help?

Older approaches frequently involved setting up “surprise” interventions or used unhelpful terminology such as co-dependency or enabling.  This can contribute to feelings of blame or guilt within the family system. 


My approach is non-judgmental and compassionate, with the goal of strengthening the family system and collaboratively finding new ways to provide support and understanding to all members of the family.

Substance use affects all kinds of families

There is not a "right" way to be a family.  Family therapy is for whom you define as your family.  Whether it is your relatives, your roommates, your chosen family or your colleagues.  Family therapy is for strengthening relationships and increasing support. 

I feel like my family doesn't understand

If you are participating in individual therapy, you may find it helpful to include your family in sessions from time to time.  This provides an opportunity for your family to be part of your recovery and help them gain clarity about how to support you.  

If you have a family member struggling, come in for an individual session so we can discuss whether family therapy is a good option for your situation.

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