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Living with substance use disorders can be stressful.  This is often made more difficult by the stigma surrounding substance use. 

Here, there are no addicts or alcoholics.  Only people.

Whatever you are facing, you don't have to face it alone.


My goal is to meet you where you are and support you in identifying ways to minimize harm caused by any continued use. 

Continued use is not seen as a failure.  Substance use is complex, thus the path to change is likely to be as well.


This approach is not prescriptive, meaning the course of therapy will always be a collaboration. 

We will co-develop realistic steps to support your goals. 

You deserve to be empowered to make the changes you would like to see.


The Approach at

Substance Use Therapy 


Alcohol and drug use is on a continuum, with abstinence on one end and severe substance abuse, or addiction, on the other.  Historically, approaches to "addiction" treatment have been binary—you either use or you do not. 


While this approach is effective for some people, for most it feels restrictive and at times punitive.

I incorporate a strengths-based approach with the principles of harm reduction, designed to meet you where you are.  The goal of therapy is for you to determine—you may want to examine your use, minimize it or work toward ceasing use all together. 


Regardless of your goal, we will continually collaborate on ways to minimize any harm caused by continued drug and alcohol use.


"The opposite
not sobriety, it's connection"

Johann Hari

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