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How Substance Use Therapy is supporting you during COVID-19

Covid-19 resources at Substance Use Therapy in Austin TX

In addition to illness, the coronavirus has brought uncertainty, fear, and isolation.  While we all work to adapt in this new normal, we are still struggling with ever-evolving stressors and hardships.

If you or a loved one needs additional support during this time, Substance Use Therapy is here.

We are open and committed to serving you during this difficult time.  Your mental health matters too.

Services during COVID-19

Substance Use Therapy is offering remote therapy (video or telephone) and in-person sessions.  In-person sessions are available for those who are not currently infected or have not been knowingly exposed.  The following precautions are being taken for in-person sessions.

  • All surfaces are disinfected between appointments.

  • Masks worn in session

  • In-person sessions will be conducted from 6 feet.

  • Rather be outside?  Substance Use Therapy is located on the Green Belt in South Austin.  We can sit outside or walk-and-talk if you prefer.








How does online (remote) counseling work?

During this pandemic, many people prefer not to come into a therapist's office.  For others, it is just not logistically possible.  I provide online counseling to residents of Texas.  You will be asked to sign a special consent form for telehealth services.  Then, you will be sent a secure, private link to access the session.  The telehealth session is hosted by Simple Practice, the company I use for my electronic health records.  You can participate in the session from your computer, tablet, or phone.  Additional information about the telehealth platform will be provided to you upon request.

If you do not like idea of being on video, sessions can also be conducted over the telephone.

Fees during COVID-19

Many people are undergoing significant financial hardships during this time.  To accommodate more people who may need services, more sliding scale slots have been made available.  The minimum charge for sliding scale slots has also been decreased.  Contact for more information.

Issues you may be facing during COVID-19

  • Substance Abusemany people cope with the increase of stress with alcohol or drugs.  This may be a new issue, a worsening issue, or a relapse.  

  • Grief: The coronavirus has not only taken many lives but changed our lives.  Many people are facing loss that seemed unthinkable a few months ago--lives, livelihoods, graduations, weddings, and the loss of day to day connection with the people that matter the most to us.

  • Anxiety: For many, anxiety worsens during times of uncertainty.  For others, they are experiencing intense anxiety for the first time.

  • Burnout: First responders and essential staff are likely feeling the effects of burnout.  However, for most of us, our work/life balance has become disrupted.  Working long hours from home, managing home schooling and full time childcare, with less support and fewer resources is something many are facing.

  • Depression: Fear and isolation, combined with individual hardships are natural reasons for many to experience depression--even if you never experienced it previously.

  • Anger: Feeling anger is a natural response to what is happening in the world.  For some, the anger begins to feel intense and interferes with our wellbeing.

Articles and information related to COVID-19


Local & national resources


Whatever you are facing, you don't have to face it alone.

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